Featured Men’s Skis

Men’s Skis / On Trail Carving

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti

Speed and Confidence is what you get with the Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti.  Quick enough to make the shorter turns with the ability to let it go.  Another shining star from testing that is built for what we get in the East.

Fischer Curv GT

The most surprising ski from testing last season. Wood core / Metal laminate ski with a little beef under foot (80 mm). The expert skier or ex racer that wants a stable groomer slayer that is wide enough and powerful enough for whatever mother nature throws at you.

Volkl Code S

The always confidence inspiring damp and solid feel that Volkl has been known for mixed with quickness and responsiveness.  One of the best on trail skiing skis out there whether it’s buffed out perfect or hard and icy.

Men’s Skis / All Mountain

Blizzard Brahma

The new and improved all around champ.  Hard to make this one much better, but with a new rocker profile and a little more shape the new Brahma truly got better.  You want on ski for everything this is the one.

Head Monster 88

The all mountain king from Head. The one ski quiver waist width of 88 mm under foot with a little more shape than last season’s version. Also a slightly softer flex to make this an excellent choice for any skier.

Volkl RTM 84

The proven do it all performer from Volkl. 84 mm under foot, 3d Ridge construction with metal laminate. Rock solid on the hard pack, wide enough and strong enough to plow through it all.

Men’s Skis / All Mountain Wide

Salomon QST 99

Salomon QST 99 is a great mix for that adventurous skier. A little backcountry and a little frontside the QST 99 gives all you need to ski everywhere on the mountain.

Rossignol Sky 7

Anyone remember the S3? Super soft, fun, and playful. The new Sky 7 goes back to its roots combining their HD construction for stability and pop, with the soft flexing, agile performance needed to have a great time on the slopes.

Armada Tracer 98

A true winner in the All mountain wide category. Armada’s new Tracer 98, with its wood core and crystal mesh construction combines lightness, with quick turns and stability. A lot to offer for a 98 mm waisted ski.

Men’s Skis / Powder

Head Kore 105

The Wide/Powder ski of the year. Not only a great powder ski but one that will truly do anything you need it to do on the mountain. If you like wider skis this is one you won’t want to look past.

Nordica Enforcer 110

Building off of the momentum of the Enforcer 100 and 93 the past few years Nordica decided to fatten it up a bit. 110 mm under foot makes sure you have all you need to stay a float on big dump day. A great shape and rocker profile make for a great ski to have in the arsenal.

What’s in Store

W = Womens   J = Juniors
AR8 (Zero Collection)
ARV 84
ARV 84 W W
ARV 86
ARV 86 W W
El Dente (Zero Collection)
Tracer 98
Victa 83 W
Invictus 89 Ti
Punx 5
Redster X7
Vantage 74 W W
Vantage X 75 C
Vatange 75 Cti
Black Crows
Black Crows (cont.)
Allight 8.0 Ti W
Black Pearl W
Quattro 8.0 Ti
Quattro 8.4 Ti
Ranger J
Absolut Joy W
Kore 93
Kore 95
Monster 83
Monster 88
Head (cont.)
Pure Joy W
Strong Instinct
Super Joy W
Supershape Magnum
Supershape Rally
Supershape Titan
Total Joy W
Empress W
Pinnacle 85
Shreditro 85 Jr. J
Thrilluvit 85 W
Liberty Skis
Variant 80 W W
Variant 87
Honey Badger
Honey Bee W
Sick Day 94
Sir Francis Bacon
Soulmate 86 W
Tom Wallisch Shorty J
Astral 85 W
Enforcer 110
Enforcer 93
Enforcer Jr. J
GT 80 Ti
Navigator 85
Santa Ana W
Santa Ana 93 W
Experience 84
Experience 88
Famous 10 W
Famous 6 W
Sky 7
Sky 7 W W
Soul 7
Temptation 75 W
Temptation 84 W
Temptation 88 W
Cira W
QST 92
QST 99
QST Lux 92 W
XDR 8.0 Ti
Laser AX
Laser SC
Stormrider 95
Code S
Flair SC W
Kenja W
Mantra Jr. J
RTM 84
RTM 86
Yumi W