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Wide Selection of Men’s Snowboards

Sports Page is the top snowboard shop in the Northeast. Jim Podres, our lead snowboard expert, hand-selects every snowboard in-store and has an amazing reputation for surprising even our most selective customers with the rare finds we carry.

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Joel’s Top Men’s Snowboard Picks

Ride Machete GT

The Machete GT has always been an aggressive ripper, and its 2017 softer redesign simply makes it more versatile. You won’t find a better twin that will do just about everything at a high level.

Ride Berzerker

Plan and simple….This board is awesome. Geared towards the all mountain rider the berzerker wants to carve, duck into the woods, and hit a few kickers. The hybrid directional camber is slightly set back from the tip and it gives you the power you need on-trail and is able to float better in the fresh stuff. This is one board that everyone in the shop really liked at the demo.

Never Summer West

Never Summer added the ice biting ripsaw camber to an all mountain directional shape and crushed it. It’s no surprise that this board sold out by the end of September last year. It’s the perfect blend of stability, playfulness, and awesomeness. The west just may be the best advanced riding all mountain board I’ve ever rode. Don’t believe me? Come take out our demo and see for yourself.

Never Summer Proto Type 2

So maybe you are looking for a board with Never Summer’s ripsaw camber but you don’t want something as stiff as the west, or as soft as the funslinger? Yes, this porridge in neither too hot nor cold and is just right. The Proto Type 2 took Never Summers bestselling twin and made it even better. This board now sports the well received ripsaw rocker camber combined with an asymmetrical heel side sidecut.

Arbor Relapse

Not all cambered snowboards need to be stiff and cumbersome to ride. The Relapse combines a full camber twin profile in a poppy flexible package. This capable board can transition from hiking the park to taking gondola laps without breaking the bank. Check out the relapse premium to see one gorgeous looking snowboard.

What’s in Store

W = Womens   J = Juniors
Formula Premium (2017)
Igucci Pro
Relapse (2017)
Westmark Camber/Rocker
Airobic (2017)
Jam (2017)
Whatever (2017)
Custom Camber
Burton (cont.)
Deja Vu FV W
Process Off AXIS
Talent Scout W
Never Summer
Proto Type 2
Proto Type 2 W
Proto jr J
Never Summer (cont.)
Alter EGO
Ride (cont.)