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Nordica Ski Boots – Machine Series

Nordica Ski Boots Machine Series is a collection of ski boots that combine high performance technology with absolute comfort.



A great ski experience always begins with the right boot. The Machine Family of Nordica Ski Boots are broken down into three different ski boot models to provide different skiers with the ideal combination of fit and performance.




This Nordica Ski Boot is characterized by it’s pure power. For advanced to expert skiers who are looking to raise their performance, but keep comfortable while on the mountain. This boot provides a snug and precise fit, the narrowest of the three ski boot options. Designed for easy entry and exit. Last width of 98mm.


This ski boot by Nordica falls in the middle of the family in terms of last width at 100mm. The SpeedMachine keeps a snug feel, while allowing easy entry and exit along with a relaxed forefront. These boots are perfect for beginner to advanced skiers who love to spend their days on the mountain.


The Nordica SportMachine is the widest of the bunch with a last width of 102mm. This boot is perfect for skiers with wider feet or larger calves, with boot width that will help provide comfort all day long in all conditions. A truly high volume boot with a snug heel and a roomy front. Perfect for beginners to advanced skiers.

We Carry the Entire Machine Family of Nordica Ski Boots at Sports Page, so stop in to our shop today or call us at (518) 792-1304. We also offer in-house, expert boot fitting services to make your fit an even better one.