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Ski Lease | Adults and Families


Please be aware that we are out of used gear (in most sizes) at this point in the season. We still have new lease gear available. 


 Our season-long ski lease program is an easy and affordable equipment option for families with growing children, people who are new to snow sports or folks who aren’t ready to fully invest in new gear. Rather than purchasing ski or snowboard equipment, which many children quickly outgrow, our lease program provides families with a large inventory of skis, snowboards, and boots (both new and pre-owned) to use over the course of a full ski season. With packages starting at just $99 for children and $169 for adults, our ski and snowboard lease program is the perfect solution for a season of fun adventures in the mountains.

Our lease equipment comes from top-name brands in the ski and snowboard industry and is available in both new and pre-owned condition, depending on your preference and the amount you would like to spend. Our expert fitters will help you find the best gear to fit your needs and ability, which will help make your experience on the slopes a fun one. Sports Page has been outfitting skiers & snowboarders for over ten years with thousands of athletes served. With our expertise, you’re sure to find the perfect lease equipment to make your winter a great one. Come get your ski lease from the best in the business.

Please be sure to stop in the store and get fitted early for the best selection of skis, snowboards and boots. We typically start fitting around mid-August and equipment goes out fast. For rates on ski and snowboard lease packages for kids and adults, see below. Love your leased equipment? Contact us to buy out your equipment at the end of the season. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (518) 792-1304

Please fill out this online form prior to coming into the shop. Our new system will streamline your in-store experience and save you a significant amount of time when filling out service write ups and seasonal rental forms. Once completed, you and your family will be saved in our system for any future service work or rentals.

Ski Leasing program

Pre-Owned Junior

  • Ski, Bindings & Boots: $99
  • Ski & Binding: $80
  • Boot Only: $40

Pre-owned adult

  • Skis, Bindings & Boots: $169
  • Skis & Bindings: $125
  • Boots Only: $75

New Junior

  • Skis, Bindings & Boots: $199
  • Skis & Bindings: $130
  • Boots Only: $75

New Adult

  • Skis, Bindings & Boots: $269
  • Skis & Bindings: $179
  • Boots Only: $99

Board Leasing Program

Pre-owned junior

  • Board, Bindings & Boots: $99
  • Board & Binding: $80
  • Boot Only: $40

Pre-owned Adult

  • Board, Bindings & Boots: $169
  • Board & Bindings: $125
  • Boots Only: $45

New Junior

  • Board, Bindings & Boots: $189
  • Board & Bindings: $130
  • Boots Only: $60

New Adult

  • Board, Bindings & Boots: $249
  • Board & Bindings: $179
  • Boots Only: $79