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Race Prep

When it comes to ski race tuning, the Sports Page Team is the best in the business. Happily servicing ski racers from across the entire US for over 35 years, our expert backshop team has strived to outperform even ski manufacturers’ ability to provide a World-Cup caliber tune. With recent advancements in technology, we’re able to tune your skis to exact angles, with the flattest bases. As a result, each customer receives the ultimate high performance ski race prep, to help improve race times and hopefully help you get up on that podium.

high performance ski race prep

​Our All New Wintersteiger Mercury Jupiter Tuning Machine.

Winning a ski race is a matter of hundredths of a second and our team here at Sports Page is committed to sweating over every minute detail to help prepare each racer for the next big competition. Whether you’re new to ski racing or at a World-Cup racing level, we have the technology and the right people working the race preps to help you to perform at your best. Our backshop team custom tailors each prep one at a time, based on each racer’s specifications and calibration preferences and needs.

In 2022, The Sports Page Ski Shop introduced the latest addition to our cutting-edge backshop tuning technologies: The Wintersteiger Jupiter Race (with 3D Dresser) tuning machine – the most advanced tuning machine on the market! This new machine allows multiple angles to bring you to the top of your game. We are one of only a handful of shops nationally to feature this new technology.

Please see a list of tuning services below and feel free to stop in any time to speak directly with our team of ski race tuning experts!

Racing Ski Services

Race Prep: $90

  • *Same as above but w/o Thermobox
  • Bases flattened
  • Custom race grind (structure) on trued bases
  • Finish blanked
  • Topsheets shaved & sidewalls relieved
  • Base & side edge machined and hand-polished to your specs
  • Final race wax with Wax Future machine, scrape & brush
  • Race-ready prep

Race Basic: $55

  • Bases blanked
  • Custom race grind / structure
  • Base & edge machined and hand-polished to your specs
  • Final wax & scrape

Race Edge & Wax: $40

  • Topsheets & sidewalls relieved; edges sharpened by ceramic disc & waxed

Race Grind $60

  • Topsheets & sidewalls relieved; edges sharpened by ceramic disc & waxed

Race Wax $25

Binding Mount: $65

  • *FREE when skis & binding are purchased from Sports Page
  • Mounting according to standards and DIN settings based on your specs (height, weight & use)

Rip Sidewall $10